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MxBind™ Protein A/G Preclearing Beads #VB202

MxBind™ Protein A/G Preclearing Beads #VB202


Magnetic Beads

  • Background

    MxBind™ Protein A/G Preclearing Beads are mono-sized superparamagnetic beads covalently bound with recombinant A/G proteins. This recombinant protein contains 4 protein A and 2 protein G Fc-binding domains, making it an ideal tool for binding and purifying a wide range of immunoglobulins. Since human specimens such as nasopharyngeal swabs contain various classes of immunoglobins that can interfere with immunoassays, a preclearance step will help produce consistent results. We used MxBind™ Protein A/G Preclearing Beads in ELISA to preclear human nasopharyngeal swab specimens and found it not only necessary, but it also greatly reduced variations in results. In addition to its preclearance function, MxBind™ Protein A/G magnetic beads may also be used for immunoprecipitation and antibody purification.

  • Product Details

    Bead type

    Superparamagnetic beads

    Protein Type

    Recombinant protein A/G

    Bond Type

    Protein A/G is covalently bound to magnetic beads

    Binding Capacity

    >10 mg of rabbit IgG per mL of MxBind™ Protein A/G Preclearing Beads


    Protein A/G magnetic beads are stored in PBS containing 20% ethanol



    Tested Application

    Chemiluminescent ELISA with human nasopharyngeal swab specimens


    Stable at 4°C for at least 1 year.

  • Product Features

    • Useful tool for preclearing human specimens used in immunoassay
    • Recombinant protein designed to bind different classes of immunoglobins
    • Uniform size to ensure consistency and reproducibility
    • Magnetic beads make experiments quick, flexible, and effective




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