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Reagents are one of the key components to generate reliable, accurate, and reproducible results. Our reagents are uniquely formulated and constantly tested in our R&D research; therefore, we strongly recommend using these reagents with our high-quality antibody products. For example, we recommend using IntactProtein Tissue/Cell Lysis Kit (Cat#415) to extract proteins from tissues and/or cultured mammalian cells. This kit is particularly formulated to maintain the integrity as well as the signal moiety (such as phosphorylation) of proteins of all sizes. Since this method avoids sonication, it protects proteins, particularly large-sized proteins (> 100 kDa), from fragmentation.        .

Reagent Sample

To guarantee you are satisfied with our reagents, we offer free samples to try before you buy. Please complete and submit the sample request form below, and we will do our best to fulfill your request.

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