Customized Reagants

Your order helps us understand your business objectives so that we can provide the technical advice and pricing strategies to support your goals and help your company succeed.

  • We provide specialized packaging on bulk and/or custom volumes of our products.

  • Customized packaging with your company’s logo can be created for your user-friendly and efficient use.

  • The data and documentation will be provided in a convenient electronic format.

  • The ordering account will be set up with your organization. It will make the process easier to check availability and submit the POs.

  • The Shipping Reports will be provided to you for easy check about which products have shipped or pending.


We deliver customized services including, but not limited to:

  1. Western blot services

  2. Antibody production

  3. Lentiviral shRNA design

  4. Lentiviral knockdown

  5. CRISPR/Cas9 knockout, and

  6. Stable cell line establishment.  

All customized services are quote-based to fit your specific needs.

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