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Knockdown-Validated Cell Lysates

Cell lysates are a useful tool to understand biological processes in a wide range of fields such as biochemistry, molecular biology, and systems biology. For examples, researchers can use cell lysates to analyze protein expression using proteomics and Western blotting, detect small molecules and metabolites using metabolomics, study protein post-translational modifications in signal transduction pathways, and identify disease markers to develop new diagnostic tools. 

Using our knockdown-validated lentiviral particles to infect cells, we obtained a cell lysate library, this library has the following distinguishing features: 

  • Knockdown-Validated. We used RT-qPCR alone or in combination with Western blotting to ensure that the mRNA or protein of a specific gene was knocked down. 

  • All-in-One Solution. We paired our knock-down validated cell lysates with their wild-type counterparts in a kit so you do not need to grow you own wild-type cells.

  • Customizable. If you do not find the the cell lines in our stock that can meet your needs, and want us to provide customized cell lysates using a designated cell line or cells you will provide, we are ready to help. Since we have knockdown-validated lentiviral particles, we can generate your customized cell lysates as short as 1-2 weeks.

You can search our website using the gene name you know or click the toggle button next to the Gene Name to sort the list alphabetically, then click the highlighted Gene Name to find the detailed information about this lentiviral product. 

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