Validated shRNA Lentiviruses


Short hairpin RNA (shRNA) is a powerful tool to silence target gene expression through RNA interference. The lentiviral shRNA vector enables stable integration into a cell’s genome to provide a more complete knockdown. It is also particularly powerful for difficult-to-target and non-dividing cells.


At GenuIN Biotech, we have developed a proprietary shRNA-mediated gene knockdown platform and provide validated lentiviral shRNA as well as customized solutions that fit your research needs. Using our proprietary lentiviral platform, we have designed and tested the specificity of these viruses using Western blotting, immunocytochemical staining, or flow cytometry. What you need to do is to put the viral medium onto your cultured cells and select the cells to be 100% pure with an antibiotic known as puromycin. Additionally, you will obtain a stable cell line with your gene/protein of interest knocked down. The benefit for you is that we validate the specificity of these viruses so that you don’t need to do it all out of scratches, saving your resources, and above all, your time.

You can search our website using the gene name you know or click the toggle button next to the Gene Name to sort the list alphabetically, then click the highlighted Gene Name to find the detailed information about this lentiviral product.