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AgVet™ Antibodies

For Farm & Companion Animals

Most commercial research antibodies have been developed for human and commonly used laboratory animals such as mice and rats. Researchers in agriculture and veterinary clinics have struggled to find suitable antibodies for their species of interest, and we supply a collection of antibodies for farm and pet animals. To ensure the quality of our products, we rigorously test our antibodies across species and in various applications. In addition, we test the specificity of some of our antibodies with knockdown and/or knockout techniques to guarantee the quality of our products.


To avoid any confusion, we use standard international protein nomenclature to name our antibody. For example, for β-actin antibody, we use anti-ACTB antibody as the name and have listed all the aliases of β-actin (ACTB) protein in the product information. You can search our website using the protein name you know or click the toggle button next to the Protein Name to sort the list alphabetically, then click the highlighted Protein Name to find the detailed information about this antibody. 

Species: H, human; M, mouse; R, rat; Mk, monkey; B, bovine/cow; D, dog, C, chicken; P, pig

Applications: WB, Western blot; IC, immunocytochemistry; F, flow cytometry; IHC, immunohistochemistry

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AgVet™ Monoclonal Antibodies

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