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For Farm & Companion Animals

Most research antibodies on the market have been developed for human application and commonly used laboratory animals such as mice and rats. Researchers in agricultural and veterinary clinics have been struggling to find the appropriate antibodies for their species of interest, and we provide a range of antibodies for farm and companion animals. To guarantee the quality of our products, we rigorously test our antibodies across species and in different applications. Most importantly, we test antibody specificity and selectivity using shRNA knockdown or knockout techniques to guarantee the quality of your research.

Species: H, human; M, mouse; R, rat; B, bovine; D, dog, C, chicken; P, pig

Applications: WB, Western blot; IC, immunocytochemistry; F, flow cytometry

We also provide customized antibody testing and validation.

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Ag-Vt™ Knockdown-Validated Antibodies

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