Proteinase K Solution #664

Proteinase K Solution #664

  • Synonyms

    Endoproteinase K 

    Peptidase K 

    Endopeptidase K 

  • Disclaimer

    For research use only  

  • Background

    Proteinase K is an active serine protease. It has nonspecific cleavage activity on a broad range of substrates including native and denatured proteins. Proteinase K is highly stable in the presence of denaturing agents, such as SDS and urea, and under a wide range of pH, temperature, and salt conditions. It is active between pH4 and 12, and between 0 and 75°C. 


    Proteinase K is widely used in the field of molecular biology. Its applications include, but are not limited to, digesting proteins in the preparation of DNA or RNA, digesting and thus inactivating enzymes including nucleases and phosphatases to terminate reactions, retrieving antigens from formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded specimens for immunohistochemical staining, and adding to tail lysis buffer for genotyping purpose. 

  • Properties

    MW: 28.93 g/mol 

    Form: 20 mg/mL solution 

    Purity: >95% by native-PAGE 

    Source: Recombinant proteinase K from tritirachium album, produced in yeast 

    Grade: Molecular biology 

    Units/mg protein: >40 

  • Unit definition

    One unit liberates 1 µmol of tyrosine per minute from casein at pH7.5 at 37°C. 

  • Impurities

    DNA/RNA: not detected 

    DNase: not detected 

    RNase: not detected 

    Endonuclease: not detected 

  • Storage

    Stable at -20°C for at least 1 year 

    Do not store in frost-free freezer 






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