FadeStop™ Fluorescent Mounting Medium #270

FadeStop™ Fluorescent Mounting Medium #270



  • Description

    FadeStop™ fluorescent mounting medium is specially formulated to prolong the intensity of the fluorescence used in immunocytochemical and immunohistochemical staining. Our products can keep the fluorescent dyes from photobleaching for at least four months if the slides are stored at -20°C.

  • Storage

    Store at 4°C

    Light sensitive

  • Application Information

    1. Apply one drop (approximately 20 μL) of FadeStop™ fluorescent mounting medium onto the coverslip, slide, or chamber slide containing the specimen. The amount of the medium is determined by the size of the specimen. As a general rule, apply just enough to cover the specimen area under the coverslip.
    2. Seal the coverslip with quick-dry nail polish to prevent leakage of the mounting medium. Apply four drops of nail polish to each side of the coverslip to secure the coverslip. Then, seal all the sides of the coverslip with nail polish.
    3. Take images immediately or store the slides at -20°C for up to four months.








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