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DryMicro MPXV LAMP Kit

DryMicro MPXV LAMP Kit


For MPXV LAMP and Multiplex LAMP

  • Key Features

    Simple solution: All-in-one solution with all the components included, except primer set(s)

    Easy to store: The product can be stored at room temperature for over one year and a half without loss of quality

    Improved stability: Freeze-drying increases long-term stability and consistency in product performance

    Enhanced flexibility: It can be used with 1) visible violet-to-blue endpoint detection; 2) real-time fluorescent detection at FAM fluorescent channel; and 3) single or multiplex detection with lateral flow test strips. For lateral flow detection, two primers can be labeled with biotin and DIG, respectively, and/or biotin and FAM, respectively.

    Detection without DNA extraction: One of the remarkable features of this product is that you do not have to extract DNA before performing LAMP. Simply lysing the pathogen in our proprietary IntactViral™ buffer (#IV100), add the lysate directly to the lyophilized microsphere, and you can run the LAMP the same way you use purified DNA.

  • Expiration Date

    One and a half years if the package is not open.

  • Components

    Bst DNA polymerase, MgCl2, dNTPs, optimized PCR buffer, an endpoint reading dye, a fluorescent dye which can be detected at FAM fluorescent channel, and a proprietary mixture of lyoprotectants.

  • Storage Condition

    Store at room temperature.

  • Quick Reference Guide

    • For purified viral DNA: Add 27 µL of nuclease-free water to a tube containing 1 lyophilized microsphere, vortex for 5 seconds and spin down the solution using a micro centrifuge. The lyophilized powder shall dissolve immediately.
    • For heat-inactivated viruses or human specimens: Add 27 µL of IntactViral™ buffer (#IV100) containing heat-inactivated viruses or human specimens to a tube containing 1 lyophilized microsphere, vortex for 5 seconds and spin down the solution using a micro centrifuge. The lyophilized powder shall dissolve immediately.
    • Add LAMP primer set(s) to the rehydrated master mix, bring the total volume of the mix to 30 µL with nuclease-free water. Vortex for 3 seconds and centrifuge briefly to make sure all solutions are collected at the bottom of the tube.
    • For endpoint detections, including visual detection of color change and lateral strip detection: Load the tube onto a heat block or thermocycler, and run the LAMP reaction at 65 ºC for 45-60 min. For real-time fluorescent detection at FAM channel: Run the LAMP reaction at 65 ºC for 45-60 min. Fluorescent signals can be captured every 1 min or at the desired time interval according to the needs of the experiment.
  • Data sheet

  • Background

    Since its introduction in 2000, loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) has been widely used in to detect the DNA of humans, animals, and plants. Today, LAMP has been modified to detect nucleic acids in real-time (real-time LAMP), with more than one target (multiplex LAMP or M-LAMP), and RNA (RT-LAMP). Though attractive in terms of simplicity, cost, convenience, and speed, LAMP has not yet been established as a standard technology for detecting nucleic acids. As LAMP is relatively new as compared to PCR, more tests are required to improve its specificity and reproducibility. At GenuIN, we have rigorously tested and optimized key LAMP components such as enzymes and their buffer components.


    Most commercial master mixes come in the form of solutions, requiring a cold chain for transportation and freezers for storage. To facilitate transport and storage, we optimize the master mix and lyophilize it in the form of microspheres. With the addition of solution, the lyophilized microspheres dissolve instantly without sacrificing its original qualities. Not only does the rehydrated master mix match the performance of established brands, but it can also be used for the detection of pathogens without the DNA extraction step, thus greatly reducing time and costs.




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