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Pre-Stained Tricolor Protein Ladder#L012

Pre-Stained Tricolor Protein Ladder#L012



  • Background

    Protein ladder, also referred to as protein molecular weight marker, is widely used in gel electrophoresis and immunoblotting applications. Our pre-stained tricolor protein ladder provides a convenient way to monitor protein separation and transfer efficiency and allows accurate determination of protein molecular weight on SDS-PAGE gels.

  • Product Features

    • Two high-intensity reference bands (25 and 75 kD)
    • Excellent lot-to-lot performance consistency
    • Ready-to-use format, no need to reduce, heat, or add loading dyes
    • Individually calibrated to ensure consistent band migration and intensity
    • Wide range of molecular weights (11-245 kDa)
  • Number of Bands


  • Band Weights

    245, 180, 135, 100, 75, 63, 48, 35, 25, 20, 17, and 11 kDa

  • Colors

    Blue, green (25 kDa), and red (75 kDa)

  • Visualization


  • Recommended Gel


  • Recommended Membrane

    PVDF, nylon, and nitrocellulose

  • Recommended Volume

    3-5 μL for mini gel; 6-10 μL for large gel

  • Storage

    –20°C upon receipt

  • Applications

    • SDS-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (SDS-PAGE)
    • Western blot (immunoblotting)
  • Protocol

    • Thaw the ladder at room temperature.
    • Mix thoroughly by vortexing or inverting the vial 3-5 times.
    • Load 3-5 μL per well for mini gel, and 6-10 μL per well for large gel.
  • Data Sheet




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