Validated NFKBIA Lentiviral shRNA #V5231

Validated NFKBIA Lentiviral shRNA #V5231


Knockdown Validated

  • Aliases

    NFKB Inhibitor Alpha; NF-Kappa-B Inhibitor Alpha; Nuclear Factor Of Kappa Light Polypeptide Gene Enhancer In B-Cells Inhibitor, Alpha; Major Histocompatibility Complex Enhancer-Binding Protein MAD3; I-Kappa-B-Alpha; IkappaBalpha; IkB-Alpha; NFKBI; IKBA; Nuclear Factor Of Kappa Light Chain Gene Enhancer In B-Cells; EDAID2; MAD-3; MAD3

  • Background

    NCBI Gene Entry: 4792

  • Application Information

    Human NFKBIA mRNA knockdown

  • Storage Buffer

    Culture medium

  • Storage Instruction

    Product should be stored at –80°C

  • Recommended Dilution


  • Protocols

    Read all instructions carefully before using this product  

  • Data Sheet

    Available upon request




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