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MxBind™ Protein A Magnetic Beads #VB101

MxBind™ Protein A Magnetic Beads #VB101


Used for Immunoprecipitation

  • Background

    MxBind™ protein A magnetic beads are mono-sized superparamagnetic beads of superior quality, providing consistency, reproducibility, and low background binding. Compared to conventional methods for protein isolation such as centrifugation and filtration, MxBind™ protein A magnetic beads are very convenient to use. All you need is a magnetic stand to magnetically separate the target molecules from a complex protein mixture; it is fast, flexible, and effective.

  • Product Detail

    Bead type

    Superparamagnetic beads

    Protein Type

    Recombinant protein A with 5 high-affinity IgG binding domains

    Bond Type

    Protein A is covalently bound to magnetic beads

    Binding Capacity

    >10 mg of rabbit IgG per mL of MxBind™ protein A magnetic beads


    Protein A magnetic beads are stored in PBS containing 20% ethanol



    Tested Application

    Chemiluminescent ELISA with rabbit IgG


    Stable at 4°C for at least 1 year.

  • Product Features

    • High binding capacity for rabbit IgG
    • Recombinant protein A designed to reduce nonspecific binding
    • Uniform size to provide consistency and reproducibility
    • Convenient, quick, flexible, and efficient.