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DryMicro™ Isothermal PCR Solutions

Since its introduction, loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) has been widely used in the detection of  DNA from humans, animals, and plants. Today, LAMP has been modified to detect nucleic acids in real-time (real-time LAMP), with more than one target (multiplex LAMP or M-LAMP), and RNA (RT-LAMP). Though attractive in terms of simplicity, cost, convenience, and speed, LAMP has not yet been established as a standard technology for detecting nucleic acids. As LAMP is relatively new as compared to PCR, more tests are required to improve its specificity and reproducibility. At GenuIN Biotech, we have rigorously tested and optimized key LAMP components including enzymes and buffer components. 


To facilitate transport and storage, we optimize the master mix and lyophilize it in the form of microspheres. With the addition of solution, the lyophilized microspheres dissolve instantly without sacrificing its original qualities. Not only does the rehydrated master mix match the performance of established brands, but it can also be used for the detection of pathogens without the nucleic acid extraction step, thus greatly reducing time and costs.

The video below shows how the lyophilized microsphere is dissolved in nuclease -free water:

DryMicro™ PCR Products

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